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Catherine calls Tom and Meredith to the opening of her clinic. She has an important case for them. Once they are there, she reveals that she may have cancer.

They run tests and do a biopsy on her. They find out that she does have a fatal cancer on her spine that can paralyze her or worse. They try to encourage her to talk to her family but she refuses.

She wants them to come up with a plan, but Tom is afraid he won't be able to. He tells Meredith why so close to Catherine.

Richard's favorite nurse is pregnant and having issues. She is admitted and the other nurses hover over her. Her baby is like their baby and they are like a family.

She has a spleen issue. In surgery they have to remove the baby. They can't save her. Richard takes her death hard and goes to a meeting.

At the meeting, Richard hears a woman talk about a bar that gives people shots in exchange for their sobriety chips. He heads to the bar and asks for the shots. When the guy hands them to him he goes around back and smashes all the alchohol with a bat while yelling at the guy.

He calls meredith to tell her he needs her help because he has been arrested.

Maggie and Jackson sleep in, but Maggie accidentally sees a message on Jackson's phone from a woman named Kate.

They bicker about it and he explains that he talks to other people about faith and stuff he can't talk to Maggie about. He tells her that she isn't open and she has a hard time communicating.

When she agrees to listen to him, he tells her about April and she leaves.she tezgs Meredith that she thinks over.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7 Quotes

I've been arrested, Meredith. I need your help.


I spent most of my life being five steps ahead of everyone else and no one wants to be friends with that girl. That girl doesn't have any dates or fights. She didn't learn how to fight... I never learned how to really love, or fight, or let anyone in without it feeling like the end of the world. You have been married, and divorced, and you have a child, and you lost a child, and you are five steps ahead of me, and I don't really know how to catch up.