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Meredith picks Richard up for jail. She asks him what's going on with him and tells him to get it together for the sake of his family. 

A bad windstorm is happening in the city and the other hospitals are shutting down their ERs. Bailey prepares everyone for an influx of patients. She takes over when Alex oversleeps and then realizes that he can't leave his house because of the storm. 

A lot of patients have been impaled by debris. One of them is a woman impaled by a self-stick. She calls her mom to tell her things are OK. Amelia is touched by the case because it reminds her of not hearing from Betty in a while. 

The young woman dies, but she's an organ donor, and she's a match for Cece.

Cece tries to pair Mer up with Link, and after a talking to before heading to surgery, Mer works up the nerve to take Link up on his drink offer. DeLuca sees this and it pushes him to put himself out there and tell Mer he's interested in her. They share a moment, and she tells him that she'll let him know later when she's thinking clearly.

She's flustered when he follows her on the elevator, but they get stuck in the elevator, so does Cece before her surgery, and Teddy, Owen, and Amelia. 

Teddy tells Owen during surgery that she's pregnant by him. He tries to ask her why she waited so long to tell him when they're in the elevator. Amelia interrupts them to say she wants to foster Betty because she loves her. 

She realizes that she genuinely loves Betty when Betty returns to the hospital to get stitched up and admits that she got high again. Amelia was just relieved to have her back after dealing with her self stick girl case. 

Maggie tries to talk to Meredith about Jackson. Meredith eventually tells Maggie about Catherine so that she would know to be a support to Jackson. Jackson talks to Maggie and says that they're good after their fight, but she tells him about his mother. 

Richard calls Catherine back but Tom answers her phone. He tells Bailey that he thinks they're having an affair. Bailey reassures him that it isn't the case. She tells him about Ben, and he tells her how silly she's being. 

Alex and Jo realize their marriage license didn't go through. 

Levi has to work the clinic with Nico. He lets Nico know that he's capable and competent and resents the condescension coming from Nico. When Nico explains again why he doesn't want to start anything with someone newly out of the closet, he decides to leave when he doesn't like Levi's response. Levi warns him not to given the winds but Nico doesn't listen. 

Levi has to save Nico outside and they both get into an ambulance to ride out the storm. Levi tells Nico that he's not some new gay person freaking out or ashamed. He's always followed the beat of his own drum and isn't ashamed about everything else in his life, so that isn't any different. 

They make out in an ambulance. 

The storm gets bad on the outside and the power lines going down is what caused the elevators to stop and the power to go out. 


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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 8 Quotes

Even though I'm not sleeping in this house, I still want the people sleeping in this house to stay safe.


Richard: Thanks.
Mer: Are you OK.
Richard: I lost control, Meredith. I was angry.