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Maggie reels from Jackson semi proposing. She avoids him but also struggles to keep teddy's secret from amelia.

Bailey's new chamber is open.

Everyone keeps vying for the interim chief position and pestering Bailey.

Cece has kidney issues caused by her old heart issues.

Jo and Alex are back and Jo presents her Idea. She wants a fellowship at GSM instead of Boston. Meredith promises to pitch it to Bailey, but Bailey claims there aren't enough funds.

Levi is flustered by the new doc Nico.

Dahlia has to track down a dog a patient brought into the hospital that she eventually keeps.

Maggie avoids Jackson

Nisha the biker has a flesh eating infection. Jackson suggest taking care of of it in Baileys chamber. They try to treat her but she eventually codes. The staff are stuck in there until they can open the chamber with pressurized air. Jackson is devastated.

Cece is upset and blames herself when the biker dies. She doesn't want to go on the transplant list. Meredith convinced her to and ask for her matchmaking services.

Bailey invested in Jo and they'll work together. She makes Alex interim chief.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 2 Quotes

She's in Seattle and she doesn't call?


Meredith: DeLuca, what are you doing here?
DeLuca: Whatever you want. Dr. Grey.
Jackson: Morning.
Meredith: Jackson, what? No. You're with Maggie.
Jackson: Yeah but it's just a dream so it doesn't count.