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Meredith tracks Teddy down and calls her out when Teddy tries to avoid her. She invites her to her house. They talk about the pregnancy and what Teddy plans on doing. 

Teddy helps her bake cookies for Zola's school. 

Meredith reminds her of what would happen if Teddy's kid finds out that she kept Owen from him or her and he's a good guy. Teddy considered returning to Germany to raise the baby by herself. 

Teddy talks about her past and the people she lost. Meredith finally convinces her that she needs to tell Owen. 

Teddy fears that Owen will give everything up and feel obligated to be with her becaue he's a good guy. 

Amelia, Owen, and Leo spend the entire day in the car outside of Betty's school making sure that Betty doesn't get into any trouble. Amelia finally talks to Owen about her baby Christopher, and she seems healed now. She's open and likes the joy of  motherhood via how she is taking care of Betty and Leo. 

Jackson returns and brings a little boy who needs bone surgery. He scrubs in with Link and Alex. Alex is being very cold to Linck. 

They find out that the boy also had cancer, but they find a way to remove it and save the boy and resolve his bone situation. The boy's father is relieved and feels it was meant to be because he happen to share his s'more with Jackson under the suggestion of his son while they were camping. 

Jackson reassures Maggie that he isn't leaving, and they make up. 

There is still no heart for Cece, but it inspires a new project for Maggie. 

 Jo and Bailey work hard to find out what's troubling Meredith's patient. They figure it out when  no one else could. Bailey wonders why she is still stressed out and thinks it's because of Ben. 

Alex aks Link why he didn't do anything if he knew Jo was with Paul. He tells Alex that Jo didn't listen and that there wasn't much he could do but he didn't know the extent of what happened at the time. 

Richard rides DeLuca's  case but only because he knows he's great. They jam out with Link at Joe's. 

Levi is still crushing on Nico. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5 Quotes

Link: Morning, Chief. Richie.
Richard: Lincoln.

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Amelia: So, do you want to say the Serenity prayer before you go in? OK, don't do drugs.
Owen: Have a nice day at school!