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Zola catches DeLuca trying to sneak out of the house after a romp with Meredith. Meredith tries to figure out how she will tell her kids about DeLuca. She asks Bailey for advice. 

She asks DeLuca if he even likes kids and is good with them. He mentions all of his cousins and how much he adores them. He is woring a case with a woman who has stomach pains. While giving her a CT they realize she is pregannt and in labor. Meredith says she's crowning. 

They deliver the baby right there, and DeLuca helps. DeLuca spends time with the baby and shows Meredith how great he is with them. Bailey figured out that the woman had two uteri and was pregant in one and had no signs of anything in the other which is why nothing showed up at first. 

They still haven't found any blood for Alex's patient. 

Jo returns to work, but she's not doing well. Alex is worried and tells Meredith he's afraid she'll leave him like everyone else did. Jo chooses to focus on research until Jackson has her help him with his skin study. 

He tries to talk to her about meeting her mother, but she says she regrets it like he said and but doesn't elaborate. He calls her out on showing up to work drunk and tells her that she won't be met with compassion when she shuts him down. 

Later on, Alex talks to her about being drunk at work, and he demands to know what's going on and threatens to go to Pittsburgh himself, but Jo threatens to leave him if he does. 

Tom, Amelia, and Link work on the woman who was paralyzed from a couple of episodes ago to restore her use of her limbs. Amelia tells Tom to not get too invested in Teddy because of her and owen being inevitable. He teases her about Link, and her relationshp with him. She says Link is uncomplicated and refeshing. 

Owen goes to therapy and has a breakthrough about his  fear of not enjoying good things due to something that happened when he found out about his father's death. He breaks down during therapy. 

An old friend of Richard's comes in with a heel embedded in her chest. She started drinking again after Ollie died. Richard imposes himself on her and wants to get her back on track. He tells her about what happened with at the bar. 

Nico is getting offers for sports teams and other things. He has an interview lined up for his dream job. He's talking about leaving and going elsewhere. Levi is trying to be supportive. 

Nico is put on the case of Bailey's patient Pop pop's grandson who is headed to college. She assures Pop Pop that Nico is the best after Link. Nico makes a mistake in surgery and Maggie is rushed there to work on the boy's pulmonary embolism. 

The boy dies, and Bailey makes Nico be there to tell pop pop since he screwed up. Levi tries to get him to reschedule his interview, but Nico lashes out at Levi telling him that he's not used to failure like Levi and carries on with his interview. 

Mer tells her kids about DeLuca. 

Jackson asks Maggie to move in with him. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 22 Quotes

Yes, Megan, I'm going to be there. I'm going to -- what do you mean I might throw up? What kind of therapy is this?


Mer: My kids know you as the sad guy on my couch.
DeLuca: An embarrassing chapter in my life.