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Meredith breaks the record for longest surgery at the hospital. Deluca and Bohkee root her on. Later, she falls asleep at the hospital and DeLuca tucks in her.

A mass OD at a park brings a lot of patients. One of those patients is Betty. Link has to bring her into the hospital from the clinic, and Owen freaks out. When Amelias comes, she brings Betty's parents who were still with her when they came to Owen's to pick up Leo. They are all wreck. Betty needs surgery, but Teddy choose to do it instead of Maggie. She doesn't want Maggie to be blamed by Amelia if something goes wrong.

Amelia breaks down in front of Link.

Betty's surgery goes well and she survives. She's happy to see her parents. Unfortunately, Amelia and Link found her boyfriend who died after he overdosed in a medical supply closet.

Jackson wants to take Maggie camping. A homeless patient comes in bringing the missing son of a woman who lost her child at the park. He tells Alex and Jo that she was with the junkies. The boys' father comes to get the boy and Alex supports him in keeping the kid away from the mother until she's clean.

He tells Jo later that his father once left him in a bar parking lot.

The homeless man's feet were wounded and Jackson and Dalia work on him. Jackson tries to find somewhere for him to stay. He eventually gives him all of his gear from the camping trip so he can be safe and warm.

Levi gets to work with Nico on an ortho surgery. Nico tells Link that Levi is ready for it, and Levi does well. Levi is in awe of Nico's skill and is loving ortho. They make breakfast plans together.


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