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Teddy and Amelia are caught in traffic until Amelia sweet talks a cop into giving them a ride to the hospital.

They talk about how she will always have feelings for Owen, but she falls in love a lot and she even mentions how she had a crush and pleasured herself thinking about Carina who Owen also slept with. They arrive at the hospital and Owen is there with Teddy through labor and delivery.

They don't contact Tom at all who spends the whole day putting together a baby crib at Teddy's house. Owen confessed his love to Teddy. They have their baby and name her Allison after Teddy's friend she lost in 9/11.

Owen gets Frances to the hospital, and she's surprised by how painless the blood drawn is. Her blood is used to save Gus just in time as his heart stopped and Meredith and Alex were working on him. Gus is saved and his mom and Frances look after him.

Meredith, Alex, and Webber go to Bailey and Catherine and confess. They try to repeat the LVAD wire situation to save DeLuca but Bailey fires all three of them.

Mer goes to see DeLuca in jail. She tells him how stupid he is and that she is turning herself in. She tells him she loves him too.

Amelia tells Link that he was a rebound but not anymore, but she needs time to figure out who she is outside of Owen and that they are a possibility.

Jackson and Maggie try to find their way outside of the woods. Maggie complains and Jackson is upset that she jd complaining. They get into an argument where she tells him she doesn't think he likes her even though he loves her.

They find the car but can't drive due to the fog. Jackson gets out and leaves Maggie there to get away from her and he never comes back. Maggie calls put for him but gets no response.

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