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Meredith and DeLuca are stuck in the elevator. They try to find a way out hit fail. DeLuca wants to talk about them dating but Mer tries to cool things down. He tells her about his father who was a famous surgeon for killing his patients.

He makes a move on her and tells her what he wants to do to her in Italian and she responds back in Italian which she learned in college. They almost kiss when the elevator opens.

They rush to perform surgery on Cece. Maggie stabilized her and spoke to her about Jackson. They do the surgery, but Cece dies. Deluca invites Mer for a drink and Link also asked her out. She walks away from both.

Bailey is stuck with Helm and both are anxious. When they get out and do the organ transplant, bailey makes Alex (who makes it to the hospital) to step in. He thinks it's because she's taking over, but really she's overwhelmed and needs him to step up for her. He comforts her.

Owen tells amelia about the baby. They do an emergency trauma surgery in the elevator and Amelia feels like the third wheel while they hash out their differences.

When they get out, Amelia tells Owen that she's giving him space to figure things out. She seeks out Betty who had been looking for drugs when Richerd found her, and she sets her up for rehab.

Maggie tells Jackson the truth and they agree to tell Richard.

Alex catches Nico and Levi making out, and tells them to find better places better places next time.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9 Quotes

Jackson: Why did she tell you? Why did she tell you?
Maggie: She didn't. She doesn't want anyone to know yet. But I couldn't know this without telling you, especially you.

Teddy: It doesn't matter.
Owen: It doesn't matter?
Teddy: I just mean that no one is asking anything from you. No one is asking you to give up anything or anyone. It's just you needed to know.
Amelia: What?
Owen: Teddy's pregnant.
Amelia: It's yours?! OK!