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Alex inquires about Jo's trip to Pittsburgh but she still doesn't want to talk about it. 

Jo's trip to see her mother is shown. When she knocks on the door and says who she is, her mother is surprised and flustered. Jo hears her siblings in the background and sees her mother's husband come home. 

She asks Vicki to meet her at a coffee shop to talk. She waits for a while, and Vicki finally shows up. She wants to know things, but Vicki tries to keep it as impersonal as possible at first. 

Jo tells Vicki about how horrible her life is and is angry that Vicki seems better off than Jo imagined. 

Vicki tells her that her father hurt her and tells Jo about being in college and her TA raping her. She describes hiding her pregnancy and that no one knew. She thought when she had Jo it would click and everything would be OK, but she couldn't give Jo what Jo needed because she wasn't OK. 

So she took Jo to a firehouse. They pretty much leave things at that. 

At the hospital, a woman comes in discombobulated with a cut on her face. Jo knows something is deeply wrong and helps the woman. 

She goes to examine the woman with Qadri and sees all the bruises. The woman eventually tells them she was assaulted. Jo and Teddy try to talk her into reporting when she's ready. 

They go through the rape kit process and Jo talks about her experience with Paul. They make sure all the men are out.

Abby is afraid to go to surgery for her internal bleeding because when she closes her eyes she sees the guy who hurt her. 

Jo has the women of the hospital form a wall to see Abby off to surgery. 

Jo continues to shut Alex out.




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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 19 Quotes

I was born at Emerson hospital and soon after I was left at a Fire station on 47th Street. I think you're the person who left me. I think you're my mother.


I'm Dr. Karev. Josephine. Jo, um ...