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Jo still won't talk to Alex. He asks Link to go talk to her and tells him that Jo saw her birth mom.

Link tries to get Jo to open up. He brings her soup and they reminisce. She doesn't tell Link anything more but after getting drunk she says she's like her mother always running. When Alex returns home Link tells him he has never seen Jo that way.

Meredith is worried about DeLuca scrubbing in with Richard, but DeLuca takes paved when the surgery goes bad and impresses Richard. He tells Mer Deluca is a good guy.

Alex's first day back on Peds he has a young autistic boy whom he learns how to communicate with. Gus needs a blood transfusion which he can't get enough of when they figure out he has a rare blood type known as golden blood. So far they only found four potential donors in the world.

Megan brings a veteran in need of a transplant surgery which will be Catherine's first case back. The veteran lies about his support system which leads to Catherine cancelling the surgery until Owen talks to him.

Megan is surprised that Owen is having a baby and then shocked that he screwed things up with Teddy. She tells him he needs to consider therapy for his unresolved issues.

Teddy is looking at houses, and Tom is helping and sounds like he may be considering moving in.

Bailey can't figure out Alex's system and gets stuck having young girls shadow her around the hospital.

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