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Jackson prepares for the party for Catherine. He and Maggie sneak away for sex and leave a candle dangerously unattended. 

Bailey rides in the limo with Catherine, as she stalls going to her party. They talk about splurging, and Catherine convinces her to get the blender that she has wanted instead of using all of her money just to pay bills and do things she's supposed to do. 

Bailey has to tell Catherine to follow her own advice when Catherine doesn't feel that she should be celebrating when she still technically has cancer and can get sick again at any time. 

More people than expected show up at the party. Meredith brings DeLuca. She told Alex about him, and Alex wants her to be happy. She and DeLuca try to have a special night without her family getting in the way. They sneak off to make out in a guest room and are caught by Richard. 

She tries to look less suspicious by putting food in the oven. It turns out that that's what caused the fire at Jackson's house. 

Maggie is upset that Kiki wrote a paper about her that she feels diminishes her work on Kiki. Richard encourages her to tell her own story.

The Dickinsons take Betty and Leo, and Amelia is hurt that Betty didn't say goodbye. They go to the part, but Owen is upset when he sees Tom and Teddy making out and Teddy says she's going out of town with Tom. 

He spends the rest of the night watching and obsessing over them until Amelia calls him out on it. Meredith reminds her that Teddy will always be part of his life. 

Amelia talks about how he shuts her out and doesn't understand addiction, and he tries to blame her back. Owen tries to talk to Teddy but gets mad at Tom. He tells Tom that he's not a father and that he doesn't want Tom around his kid and Tom punches him. 

They honor Catherine.

Amelia breaks things off with Owen again,  but back at the house, Betty thanks Amelia and says goodbye and the dickinsons bring Leo back because Owen is the real parent and they can't handle a baby too.

Alex's mother surprises Jo and Alex with a visit. They keep wondering if she had a psychotic break. So far, so good, but they're still concerned. 

Meredith goes to DeLuca's place so they can finally have time alone together, but Carina shows up and has DeLuca's father with her. 


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