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  • Meredith tries to get more infomation from Cristina about her "gift"
  • She and McWidow work on a case together when a young athlete comes in throwing up blood. They realize that he is sick due to the vaping he has been doing. His father feels bad for not knowing and seeing the signs, and his son almost dies and probably won't be at his top form again. 
  • Meredith has one surgery in mind, but when he non-invasive part falls through, McWidow's surgery works and saves the boy. 
  • He tells Meredith that he was rude with her before because he gets like that around that time of year when it's the anniversary of his wife's death. 
  • Meredith misses DeLuca and tells him so. She later goes to help him with his case. 
  • DeLuca and Bailey try to help a woman who is mysteriously sick after never recovering from her appendectomy. 
  • her kids are terrified of her dying, and she almost does. She makes them promise to figure out what's wrong with her. 
  • Bailey wants a war room to get to the bottom of what's happening to her after Suzanne codes. 
  • Tom is on Bailey's case about taking time off, but when she tells him about her micarriage, he understands and offers her some support. 
  • Richard goes to talk to Maggie and get her out of her funk. He bonds with her and gives her advice and tells her he doesn't hate her for what happened. 
  • When he gets home, Catherine doesn't trust him, and says that they need to talk about their relationship. 
  • Teddy loses her engagemnt ring, and they find out later that the Leo swallowed it. 
  • Amelia tells Link the truth. He says it's OK at first, but then after talking to Jo and working on a case, he tells her that it's a lot to process, and shares his true feelings and encourages her to be honest with everyone and get a test done.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 11 Quotes

Richard: Maggie, your family, and you're hurting, and you're hiding because you lost Sabi. You've lost Sabi before.
Maggie: Not like this.

Jo: So, you're no freaking out?
Link: What? No. No. It's not like it changes anything.