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Meredith's hearing is scheduled in 3 months. She's seeing patients her fellow workers at community service. The woman overseeing her tries to get her to stop, but Mer notices a lump on the woman, Robin's, throat. She tries to get her to the go the doctor.

Mer sends most of the patients to Pac North to see Webber and Alex. She calls Levi to the scene to bring her supplies. She then takes Robin to GSM and has Jackson check her out in the parking lot.

Robin does have cancer. She wonders how she can afford it and working and her asthma meds.

At Pac North the hospital is a mess and Richard is complaining constantly. There are only two residents, and it's understaffed. The CT machine isn't working.

A man almost dies in the OR. Alex gives Richard a pep talk about starting a new legacy at Pac North. Alex tries to poach Jo, but she uses his offer of being the General Surgery attendant to get Bailey to give her the position at GSM.

Bailey is doing a bootcamp with the residents and interns. She wants to create new doctors like Alex and Mer. She tests the interns and residents to see who could complete a task, and the winner got to scrub into a surgery. Bailey lets Helm win even though DeLuca beat Helm out by a second.

DeLuca things Bailey is punishing him for Mer, but she let's him know that the other interns and residents need more experience than he does.

Amelia tells Link that she's pregnant and that she has a history with babies. He's stunned, but she has to leave him before he can process. He talks to Jo, and then later, Amelia tells him about Christopher.

He tells her that he'll support her no matter what. She later tells him she wants to know what their baby will be like, and he says he does too. They also subtly confess their feelings for each other.

Jackson posts something passive aggressive on social media, and Maggie is annoyed by it. She says some bad things about Vic, then later apologizes, but let's him know that he hurt her.

Owen is shocked to find out that Tom is his boss now. When working on a patient, he accidentally shocks Tom with the paddles. Tom gets a restraining order against Owen.


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2 Quotes

Tom: Oh shoot, is this weird for you? We've all shared the same how should I say it?
Link: You shouldn't.
Tom: Past times. Lady friend. You have poo on your collar.
Owen: What, where?
Tom: Made you look. You are such a standup guy. Leaving Teddy all alone in a motel with a new baby. Owen: What are you still doing here, Tom? Hm? Don't you have a job in Baltimore, or did you lose that too?
Tom: What a funny way to talk to your boss. Oh, Teddy didn't tell you?
Owen: Tell me what?
Tom: Since your friends went rogue, Catherine made me god of this place, so practice kneeling, maybe throw in a few prayers.

You go back in there, and you take your joy back.