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Meredith has to go to court to see the judge regarding missing so much of her community service. Zola is sick, so Meredith takes her to the hospital and figures out that something may be wrong with the shunt that was put in place for her spina bifida. She needs surgery and Tom plans to do it since Amelia shouldn't operate on family.

DeLuca reminds her that she has to be ar court and promises to look after Zola if she leaves. Meredith is stunned that he would think she would leave Zola. She talks about not knowing if they are serious and if he's just a distraction with her sisters.

Zola's surgery went well and DeLuca remembered to bring Zola jello so Mer is touched by him again. Her lawyer comes to the hospital informed her that the judge was lenient but Mer will be making up the rest of her community service hours in jail..

Jo's therapist is brought into the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. It's believed that she made a suicide attempt. Jo joins Bailey on the case even though it's too personal.

Jo and Bailey are stuck in the hyperbaric chamber with Carly. Jo starts to get worked up about doing all this mental health work for nothing, if her therapist could slip up like this. Bailey tries to calm her down by sharing that she's pregnant. Jo goes through all her tools she learned in therapy to calm herself.

Flashbacks are shown of Jo's progress in therapy when she was committed. Jo helps carly and she tells her that she didn't try to commit suicide. Jo steps down from the case because she knew she was too close.

Bailey tells Ben she's pregnant and he's excited.

Richard has breakfast with Gemma and she propositions him. He declined. Catherine returned home and the tension is still there.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 5 Quotes

Amelia: I'd do it laparoscopically.
Tom: No, I'd do it laparoscopically because she's not my niece.

Oh goody, it's a family affair anyone wants to bring some snacks? Play a rousing game of UNO?