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Meredith's article about healthcare is released and the title slams GSM. She scrambles to get them to retract it, but they refuse.

Everyone reads the article and it causes a stir and disrupts everything. Richard wonders how she could do that to the place that taught her everything. DeLuca and Jo are on alert for how Bailey will react.

Bailey gets upset and overheated. Jo tries to tend to her but Bailey brushes her off. Bailey gets checked out thinking it's her hot. Maggie tells her later that it's probably her hormones.

Staff are quitting because of the article including the chief of residents so DeLuca is the new chief resident.

People come in because a guy fell out a plane onto other people. A guy named josh gets treated, his girlfriend does too but she dies. He had only been with get for a month but loves her. Link comforts him.

A patient being brought into trauma refuses to go to GSM because of the article. Owen who told Bailey he's leaving because of the restraining order thing leaves with the patient to Pac North.

Alex wants to poach him when Owen spends all sat taking care of patients because they need extra hands..later after Tom drops the restraining order, owen says he's working at Pac north..

Meredith leaves community service against orders knowing she'll be written up to go to GSM to talk to Bailey. Bailey is upset and lays into Mer. Mer later gets upset that Bailey isn't giving her the benefit of the doubt.

DeLuca calls her out on being reckless when she goes on a rant about the system and changing it.. Their fight is intense.

Tom has Jackson work on a pro bono case for a little girl but it's being filmed and documented. Jackson doesn't like that Tom is treating it like a spectacle. Ha goes behind Tom.and has Amelia come in for the surgery instead.

he tells.Tom that technically he is the boss. But Levi who scrubbed in mentions that he wish it was filmed so the world could see what they did and reminds Jackson that his career is guaranteed and he's lucky.

Maggie tells bailey that in addition to being perimenopausal she's pregnant.

After the case with the man who lost his girlfriend, Link tells Amelia how much he's in love with her and how new it is for him. They rest their hands on her belly..

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