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- Link brings Jo her mail from her apartment. At the top there is a letter from Alex.

- Jo, Mer, Bailey, and Richard all get letters from him.

- He tells Mer that he isn't coming back in a letter with no return address titled evil spawn.

- he told her that he reached out to Izzie for a character reference during her trial and that it was just an execuse to talk to her again. He hears children in the background and she told him they were twins hers and his from the embryos he signed away to her.

- He tells Mer he loves them and wants to be a good father and knows he can think about how great of a mom she is. And he knows that she will want to track him down, but he won't change his mind.

- He tells her she can visit his kids someday and that he has settled in on a farm with Izzie in Kansas.

- he tells jo that what he's doing to her is the worst thing he ever did. He loves her too and would've stayed if not for the kids.

- he knows she can understand since they grew up without parents.

- he leaves her signed divorce papers and his shares to the hospital.

- she pulls herself together and goes back to work.

- Richard threw his letter in the trash and goes to a meeting.

- he's upset and feels Alex made a mistake much like his own. He knows what it's like to love to people at once but he also knows he would've wanted to be a father to Maggie too.

- bailey is surprised. Alex tells her she helped make him the doctor he is and he'll have a chance to be chief. He wants her recommendation.

- he tells her he loves her.

- bailey reflects on how Karev turned out good and Joey can too.

- she and Ben makeup and discuss how they have to stop making huge decisions apart.

- Mer tells zola about Alex when she asks about him.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 16 Quotes

I left, and I'm with Izzie.


You were always the one to set me straight. To point out when I was being an ass. And when that didn't work, you'd flop on my bed and say the one perfect thing to make it work. But the thing is, I can't come back. I can't face you.