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  • Jo and Link are both glum about their relationships. 
  • Things are awkward between Teddy and Tom. She tries to hide that they slept together. She ended up telling Maggie she slept with Tom. 
  • She blames everything on Amelia, but Maggie reminds her that she also took a while before telling Owen she was pregnant. Maggie also tells her that she should toy with Tom's feelings. 
  • Teddy tells Owen that the baby may be his. He doesn' tknow how to react, and Teddy gets upset when he doesn't have the best immediate response. 
  • A ricch billionaire investor comes to the hospital to get checked out. He wants Tom to lie about something he has in echange for money. Tom talks to Meredith and agrees to do it. 
  • Teddy goes back to Tom and has sex with him again. 
  • Owen is making dinner for her and reassures her how much he loves her. 
  • Link makes a grand romantic gesutre an tells Amelia it doesn't matter who is the father of the baby. Amelia is happy, makes up with him, and tells him its his kid.
  • DeLuca sees a shrink, but he's denying anyting is wrong. He makes a pass at Jo and she tells him to get help. 
  • Richard tells Bailey he's leaving and retiring. 
  • Jackson and Vic break up. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17 Quotes

Teddy: Tom, you're a good man.
Tom: I try to be, but you haven't been helping.

Meredith: How is Link have you spoken to him?
Amelia: If Link can't love me no matter who the father is then we have nothing to talk about?
Meredith: I'm guessing you don't want to talk about that either.