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  • Hayes' babysitter is ill, so he takes his kids with him to a medical conference where he bumps into Teddy and thinks about his late wife. 
  • Maggie shows up at the conference to support Richard who is giving a speech because Mer couldn't make it. 
  • Catherine shows up to apologize to Richard and they make up with each other and laugh about how silly their fight was. 
  • Maggie encounters someone that she had as a resident at her previous job. He's hot, and Teddy encourages her to go after him. 
  • She says she doesn't do that sort of thing, but he comes over and talks about how much he liked her and had a crush on her. 
  • They have a steamy hookup, and then they talk and hang out. They talk about both losing their mothers to cancer. 
  • Maggie is in love, and he feels it too. He wants her to come back to Boston, but he also talks about coming to Seattle. 
  • Cormac has flashbacks to when his wife died. He met her at a conference like that, and then she got a hysterectomy after having their kids. She developed cancer that got worse and she died. It was in part due to the medical device that a tech was pushing on him. 
  • He goes off on the guy. 
  • Teddy meets an old friend named Claire. There are flashbacks to when the towers fell, but also to life before. She and Claire and Allison were super close and lived together. Claire and Allison were dating, but Teddy had an affair with Allison. 
  • Allison was the love of her life 
  • When the towers fell Allison called Teddy not her spouse. 
  • Claire goes off on Teddy but later tells her that it's water under the bridge, and Teddy talks about how she nver understood how you could be in love with two people before she met Owen after losing Allison. 
  • Richard is talking about his new theory on how to treat cancer with Catherine but it turns out Catherine isn't really there. 
  • Richard gives his speech but it doesn't make sense. Eveyrone is watching as they've hooked up access to the conference. 
  • They think he's drunk. 
  • Maggie, Cormac, and Teddy go onstage to help him off and they wheel Richard away. 
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