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Meredith is facing the medical board to find out if she is going to lose her license.

Many of the other doctors come to support her, speak on her behalf, and testify.

Meredith's lawyer pulls her aside and reminds her to sit down and shut up and let her do her job. She doesn't want Meredith making a spectacle. Meredith is fine until she recognizes that one of the doctors on the panel is the same doctor who failed to give Derek a CT scan and this killed him.

She tells her lawyer, but she's expected to sit by. The doctors are interviewed. DeLuca is asked about when he planned to leave the hospital and reporter them for their treatment after Alex beat him up.

He's asked about his romantic relationship with Meredith. It's revealed that Levi.is the one who noticed a different name on the wristband and told Bailey because he thought it was a mistake. Richard lied on stand for Metedith, and Bailey acted like she didn't even know her. Owen spoke about Meredith saving Megan.

It's also revealed that Richard was the one who put her in the program. She wasn't on the list.

During a break Mer tells DeLuca that if she loses her license and he still gets to practice medicine they won't last together.

Meredith makes a scene when she calls the doctor who killed Derek out. The man has a seizure. Meredith jumps in and tends to him and tells them to send hil to Grey Sloan so he can have the best care. Amelia goes to th4 hospital to. She calls Tom and tells him to perform surgery on the guy because she cannot do it on the man who killed her brother. Tom agreed and canceled his day.

The man dies on the table anyway, though.

Richard confronts Bailey about her behavior. She tells him that he always favors Meredith. Richard realizes that she was jealous. He doesnt apologize for picking Met because she's family. He shames her for her actions.

Alex brings in letters of support from other doctors and many of Meredith's former patients to speak to her character. Meredith doesnt lose her license.

Maggie is drinking and lamenting Sabi's death..Richard isn't speaking to her. Jackson takes care of her and takes her home. They almost kiss but she makes him leave.

Bailey comes in and supports Meredith and then gives her her job back.

DeLuca tells Meredith that she needs to figure out what she wants and if he's a part of her life.

. The interns and residents shun Levi when Blake tells them that he was the one who got Mer in trouble.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 8 Quotes

Lawyer: I'm begging you, Meredith, sit down. Don't talk, and let me do my job, please.
Meredith: No, you're an adult who is completely incapable of being quiet no matter how much your life depends on it, and today it could cost you your future.

Meredith: How do we switch out one of the doctors on the panel.
Lawyer: We don't. Why?
Meredith: Because that one killed my husband.