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Richard's brother and his niece Sabi come into the hospital looking for him for a consultation. Maggie spots her and is shocked by how similar they look. She takes them to Pac North to see Richard.

Sabi has a heart tumor. It's a serious one, and Maggie offers to perform the surgery to remove it.

Richard and his brother Chris don't get along and Chris doesnt want Maggie operating on Sabi. Sabi is uncertain, but she instantly connected with Maggie, they have a lot in common and she's super bubbly.

Maggie insists that she's the best person to do it. Alex grants her privileges to work at Pac North.

Maggie powers through taking on the surgery despite their hesitancy. It's going well but miscommunication with the staff who scrubbed in is just one of many mishaps. Sabi does on the table.

Alex comforts Maggie and gives her time to process and then offers to to work her to tell everyone the news. She delivers it and Chris is upset. Richard conforto her and then he and Catherine go to comfort Chris.

Catherine returns and happens to see Gemma holding Richards hand and comforting him. She figures out something is between them even though Richard acknowledges it. She offers Gemma a job for the Avery foundation anywhere but Seattle.

Amelia goes to the hospital to tell Owen she's pregnant. He doesnt take the news well and takes it out on his patient.

She wanted to have an abortion but various circumstances prevented her from getting it. Owen assumed she fell down the stairs on purpose. But she took an herb instead and got dizzy.

Owen didn't give her the pills to terminate her pregnancy so Amelia did.

Owen is confused and hurt that Amelia went from not wanting a kid to wanting one. But they hash things out.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

Maggie: I'm sorry does that woman look like me?
Jackson: I don't know, I'll have to see her scowl first.

Maggie: We need to talk.
Jackson: I'm talking, to someone else.