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A woman is brought into Pac-North with severe injuries and is braindead. Alex and Richard notify her sisters (Alyssa Milano and  Holly Marie Combs).

The two women could not be more different, and they have to decide whether or not to take their sister off of life support. They spend the entire time bickering. One of them thinks there is still hope, and the other doesn't want to see their sister in any pain. 

They eventually agree to take her off and say goodbye. Richard unplugs the woman, and as she is passing away, her cell phone rings. 

The one sister, Hayley (Alyssa Milano), answers, and it's their dead sister. Her purse was stolen and the woman who stole her belongings is the one who is the hospital bed.  They scream at Richard to plug her back in, and Richard tells them that they have a second-chance with their real sister. 

Meredith's patient Shirley returns from her trip and is pissed to discover Meredith has been fired. She was supposed to do her surgery. She refuses to let Jo do it. 

Jo convinces Miranda to let Meredith oversee the surgery via video. Meredith talks Jo through her first surgery as an attending. 

Qadri is pissed that Meredith has been fired and lashes out at Bailey about it. Bailey fires her. 

Amelia decides that she wants to tell her family and friends that she's pregnant. She and Link reach that decision and tell Meredith and Deluca. 

Maggie has a sweet senior aged patient who speaks about life and his regrets. His long lost first love who only speaks Korean tracks him down, and they reunite. He gives Maggie advice. 

Maggie decides to let things go. She bumps into Vic who was with jackson getting stitched up and later making out with him after deciding they weren't taking things slow anymore. It's awkward. 

Levi screws up during a surgery and DeLuca covers for him and then makes him practice. Nico helps Levi out. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 3 Quotes

Maggie: He just walked out of the fog with a new girlfriend, like I never existed. I think I might actually hate him.
Zola: My teacher said hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
Maggie: Go get ready for school.

Maggie: Does Meredith know?
Amelia: No.
Maggie: Owen?
Amelia: No, no. No one knows.
Maggie: Except for me, who somehow knows about everyone's wombs.