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  • They're gathered around and trying to figure out what's wrong with Richard. 
  • Tom is the only one willing to mention that it could be dementia. 
  • Richard still thinks he and Catherine are together and that she was there with him. 
  • Jo and Levi are best friends now and Link wonders if he was replaced. 
  • He's getting all worked up about the baby because the time is running out . 
  • Tom's ex wife comes with her son who has a tumor and she needs Tom's help. Jefferey looks and sounds like Tom's son deceased son David. 
  • He's torn up because his ex wants him to operate, but he can't operate on family like that, and he keeps freezing everytimehe sees Jeffery. 
  • Owen and Link's patient keeps singing and they have to figure out what's going with her. 
  • DeLuca comes in to visit Richard and gives Bailey some advice on what to do to test him and help treat him. 
  • Amelia operates on Jefferey but goes into labor and they have to page Tom. 
  • Catherine tells Jackson to go to the war room to help. She feels bad and guilty. 
  • Tom begs Amelia not to make him do surgery, but she orders him. 
  • Richard disappears and wanders off. Meredith finds him in an OR about to perform surgery on himself. She talks himdown and promises to figure out what's wrong with him, and she says she still needs him. 
  • Tom's surgery is a success and Teddy stops to see him. They have a moment, and Teddy goes to Owen and takes him in an oncall room. They have sex and she tells him she wants to get married this weekend without all the fuss. 
  • Richard has declined and thinks that it's Seattle Grey and that Adele is is his wife. Catherine is distraught. 
  • Meredith finds DeLuca in the hospital library. He's been doing research. She wonders what he's figured out that they haven,and they're working on it together. 
  • Amelia had braxton hicks contractions and her labor was a false alarm. 
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