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  • Levi's mother tells him that his uncle Saul is dying and that he needs to go see him immediately if he wants to make it in time. 
  • He takes Nico with him. 
  • He goes to talk to his Uncle an tell him that Nico is his boyfriend, but then Saul dies. 
  • Saul's wife Gertie comes in and leaves Levi to deal with the funeral stuff since she promised to be with him untl he died.
  • someone named Daniel comes in,and he introduces himself to Levi. 
  • Daniel reveals that Saul was also gay and had been closeted mostly. His family wouldn't let him talk about it, including Levi's mother who didn't accept him. 
  • Saul and Daniel were in love, but Saul hated himself for loving men. Daniel couldn't be with someone who hated that he loved him. 
  • Daniel helps Levi with the Jewish prayer ritual for Sauls' body. 
  • Daniel tells Levi that things were different back then, and that Saul knew Levi was gay, and that he would want better for him than that. 
  • Levi goes home and confonts his mother and moves out. He won't be ashamed of who he is. 
  • Maggie and Jackson go to Richard and Catherine's house for dinner thinking it's the celebrate their anniversary when really they want to tell them they're separating. 
  • Jackson invited Vic over, and she brought Dean t hinking it was an actual dinner party. 
  • Jackson, Maggie, Richard, and Catherine through potshots at each other and bicker the whole time. 
  • Briefly Catherine and Richard recall their love story. 
  • Richard asks Catherine to apologize, but she refuses, and he says it's over. 
  • Richard talks to Maggie about his issues, and Catherine talks to Jackson and admits they were on the rocks. And Maggie and Jackson admitted that they were trying to be cordial with each other for Richard and Catherine's sake. 
  • He offers Maggie a job at Pac North, and she accepts it. 
  • Catherine finds out and buys Pac North to be spiteful. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Vic: I feel like we're crashing.
Jackson: No.
Maggie: Why would you think that?

Mrs: Schmitt: Is everybody decent?
Levi: Except for the ball gag and jock strap, yeah.