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  • The hospital is flooded with COVID cases. 
  • Richard returns to the hospital wanting to help however he can. 
  • Teddy and Owen are not on speaking terms. 
  • DeLuca is no longer a resident and won't get out of bed, and Carina is upset with Meredith and Bailey for pushing him too hard. 
  • In a flashbac Jo and Jackson kissed. 
  • Winston told Maggie that he loved her during a phone chat. 
  • DeLuca pulls it together when Bailey tells him that his sex trafficking patient returned looking for him. he consoles and helps her. 
  • Jo asks Jackson for casual sex. 
  • Mer is overwhelmed that she keeps losing patients. 
  • The shipment of PPE only consists of booties and they're short supplied. 
  • Tom has a breadown over the lack of supplies. 
  • Carina, Richard, and others stage an intervention for Andrew. 
  • DeLuca is doing better. Mer flips out and has a breadown because of her patients. 
  • The human trafficking victim Erin is reunited with her sister. 
  • Richard comes up with a plan to santize the gear for the nurses and doctors using Bailey's disinfectant machine. 
  • Mer freaks out when she can't reach Deluca but he tells her that he's following his therapist guidlines by turning his phone off and getting rest. 
  • the parents of the boys brought in by the Station 19 crew fight. 


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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 1 Quotes

Jo: I need sex. I need sex. I need a sex favor, a sexual favor.
Jackson: Um, what?

Patient: I don't want a Chinese doctor.
Perez: Oh. OK, then you're going to want to follow the green line to the parking lot, put your rude self back in the car, and hope that you don't go into anaphylactic shock.