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  • Jackson is jogging and sees people protesting after George Floyd is murdered.
  • Hayes' sons make protest signs.
  • Richard wants to go protest. Hayes comes into the hospital bleeding because of an injury he sustained at a protest.
  • A woman comes in with shrapne; a canister is through her shoulder blade fromthe protesting.
  • Maggie worries about Winston who is heading back home for some business.
  • Patients flood in with injuries from the protest. Richard is upset at how bad it went.
  • Winston gets pulled over while he's on the phone with Mggie. They bring the dog out to sniff the car and the cops tell Winston to hang up the phone when they hear Maggie on it. 
  • Maggie spazzes out and almost loses her patient trying to call Winston.
  • Bailey's patient has COVID and refuses to believe that it's real. Bailey is annoyed by him. He eventually leaves on his own and collapses in the parking lot. He later dies. 
  • Levi babsyits Mer in the chamber along with Chee and his patient. Levi saves Chee's patient when the pressure builds as his intestines bust out. 
  • Richrad talks to his patient, guest star Phylicia Rashad abut all the protesting. They both share war stories of all the times they protested and showed off the injuries they sustained. 
  • Hayes agrees that his son can still protest if he can go with them and it's during the daytime.
  • Jackson confronts his mother about taking more action and making more moves to help people and why they haven't done enough. 
  • He's inspired to go do something. Richard tells him to wait until morning to march, but he plugs in a destination in his GPS set for 11 hours.
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