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  • Mer's tests are good and she's going home. Everyone is happy. They discuss how they have to tell her about DeLuca. 
  • Jackson tells Bailey that he's resigning. 
  • He talks about how much Bailey and Richard matter to him. They show flashbacks. They realizse that Avery is their boss now. 
  • Winston calls in Owen and Link to help him and Teddy with matters and Teddy and Owen are acting all weird because they've hooked up again. 
  • Jo is having a fun day working as a OBGYN resident.
  • Tom treats an elder of a tribe who has a pregnant daughter. 
  • He's an elder who can pass down their language and tradtions. Koracick and others talk to the new guy about being Navajo and the rez. 
  • The elder's granddaughter goes into labor. 
  • Jackson shares a moment with Mer. 
  • They perform a smudging ceremony over the elder. At the same time, Jo delivers his granddaughter's baby.
  • Mr. Lawrence is OK and Maryanna has her baby.
  • Link wants out of the Sister House. Winston and Owen joke that he's stuck forever.
  • Richard and Bailey tell Mer about DeLuca but she already knows and says he's okay and that he's with his mother. 
  • Jo tells Carina how much she cared about DeLuca because she's going to spread his ashes.
  • Mer leaves the hospital before they could all do the special sendoff for her. Jackson takes her home. She surprises Amelia and the kids. 
  • Tom comes to Jackson and tells him that he wants to go with him. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 15 Quotes

So you're going to fulfill this new leadership position from Boston? Not here, where you work for me?


Bailey: DeLuca took such good care of her.
Richard: We need to tell her about DeLuca.
Bailey: I wish he could see this.
Richard: Maybe he can.