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  • The hospital is getting in more cases. 
  • Jackson wants to hang out with Jo after work. They're friendly now.
  • DeLuca and Teddy tell Richard about a medical trial that they hope to get Meredith in before it's too late. DeLuca is annoyed when Richard said he'd think about it because time is of the essence.
  • Mer is in her dreamscape again and this time she sees George.
  • Maggie is still worried about Mer and Winston tries to comfort her during one of their virtual dates. 
  • Jackson and Jo hang out together and talk about Mer. 
  • Mer asks George if she gets to decide if she goes back or not. 
  • Richard still mulls over if this trial will help her and doesn't want to wake Mer to ask her about it. Bailey challenges him a bit on that but they both agree that there are many unknowns with this virus. 
  • Jo tells Jackson she wants to rip the band-aid off and makes out with him. 
  • Tom shows Helm the COVID studies he's working on her. 
  • George talks to Mer about grief. And talks to her about his mom and how he's still him. 
  • DeLuca is frustrated with Richard and tells him that he needs to do something and make a decision. Mer's condition is worsening. 
  • Winston's birthdate zoom dinner with his family doesn't go well when they talk down on him in front of Maggie. 
  • One of the new residen'ts is frustrated with Owen misdiagnosing a patient and talks to Nico about it but he doens't give her much to work with. She brings it up to Owen, and he sends her out. 
  • Nico ends up telling Owen that the reason he misdiagnosed the patient is because he either didn't know or didn't care that Asian Americans are ten times more likely to have Diverticulitis.
  • Richard tries to talk to Mer about the decision. She hears him in the dreamscape and George tells her that if she stays there it will break him. She says she knows. 
  • Richard hears her talking about George in her sleep while she's shaking, and he tells DeLuca to put her in the trial. 
  • Amelia gets an update about Mer and freaks out and when Link tries to be positive, she tells him that he needs to let her have her feelings. She can't be positive or stuff them down or the consequences are bad for her. He hears her and sits there with her until she gets her feelings out. 
  • Link is playing his guitar and explains to her why he has to stay on the bright side of things because of things tha thappened to him growing up. He plays the Blues. 
  • Owen comes to Bailey to talk abut being racially insensistive with his case. 
  • Teddy shows up to check on Tom and he doesn't answer the door, but he's not doing well and has the shakes. 
  • Richard talks to Bailey about Mer and how lonely this feels. 
  • Mer still talks to George about how much he changed her life.
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