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The explosion triggers Owens Ptsd along with the other veterans. He insists bw can get through it and wants to help them do it too.

Bailey sees the ambulance. Jack and Ben come out and tell her that Dean coded and that he's dead.

Travis tells Vic about Dean.

Ben tells Bailey that Dean put them down to take care of Prue. She's stunned and upset that he never told her about any of this. She is afraid to fall in love with her and her grandparents come to take her away. Andy brings Prue and Bailey hugs her.

Hayes and Winston operates on Farouk. Megan is stressed out when they almost lose him. Teddy and Owen comfort her.

Tom comes to Minnesota to help on David's clinical trial but there's bad blood between them because Tom slept with David's daughter.

Mer talks to nick about David. They kiss .

Amelia and Bartley continue to flirt with each other and she clears up that she's single.

Jo asks Link if he'll raise Luna if something happens to her and he agrees.

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