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  • Mer is stuck in Minnesota with Nick who is taking her to the airport.
  • Amelia is texting Kai.
  • Mer's flight is canceled and she finds out after Nick drops her off.
  • Levi's mother brings him and Nico food for thanksgiving.
  • Nico volunteers to hang out with her.
  • Bailey is bummed that she's working on Thanksging because Dean's father took Pru with him. Richard is excited about working on a day where there is a bunch of issues.
  • Teddy and OWen are avoiding going home to cook with Owen's mother and the kids, so they stay with Megan and Farouk in the hospital.
  • It's a slow day and nothing is happening in the ER which is bumming Webber out.
  • Mer and Nick talk about their Thanksgiving horror stories from their years as doctors.
  • Link brings Scout to Amelia for Thanksgiving and she lets him stay to help her cook and because he'll  be alone.
  • Noah returns to the hospital sick and unable to breathe.
  • Noah asks Owen to take his kids somewhere to distract him from Noah being sick.
  • The pregnant lady who comes in gets an ultrasound. Her appendix is perforated and they have to do a surgery.
  • Amelia and Link cook dinner together. Except she doesn't cook so they wing it.
  • Nick tells Mer about his sisters while he's headed to the cabin. He shows up at her door. He turned around.
  • Their pregnant patient asks Jo to tie her tubes when they do the surgery even if they don't have to remove her uterus.
  • Nick and Mer talk and eat together and talk about how they spend the holidays.
  • Amelink have dinner with the kids and some of them ask about sex.
  • Teddy tells Megan she's avoiding Owen's mother because she doesn't want to deal with how she'll react to Leo if he wears a dress.
  • Farouk codes and Teddy tries to resusciate him.
  • They deliver the patient's baby but they can't stop the bleeding.
  • Hayes tells them they need to do a surgery on Farouk to save him.
  • LEvi's mother has dinner with Nico and talks about him marrying Levi and them having kids together.
  • Link and the kids dance it out while Amelia looks on fondly.
  • Bailey tells Noah's wife to cry and scream and let it out because her husband is dying.
  • Mer and Nick have sex.
  • Noah goes home after asking Owen how long it'll take for him to die.
  • They performed an emergency hysterectomy on their patient.
  • They put Farouk on Ecmo and the transplant list.
  • Bailey cries about Pru and talks to Webber.
  • Amelia and Link kiss. But she telsl him that nothing has changed for her.  They have sex.
  • Bailey and Webber share what they're thankful for with Jo, Nico, and Levi.
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