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  • A heat wave hits. 
  • Amelia is worried that things will be awkward between Addison and Mer
  • The residents get the notification that Addison is hre. 
  • Teddy is ambassador of fun.
  • Addison is doing a uterian transplant. 
  • Helm is annoyed with Addison becase she heard she and Mer had history.
  • Winston's patient Rashida is getting her transplant.
  • Mer is avoiding telling everyone that she will spend half the week in Minnesota.
  • Levi wins the surgery with Addison and the others get tested on it while they're watching.
  • A woman comes in with water and fluid in her abdomien and soething that happend to her pelvis.
  • Lily the patient doesn't want to call her parents yet.
  • Addison requests Mer in surgery when the AC goes and they have to complete the uterine transplant in half the time.
  • Bartley updates Amelia on the study and helps her stay cool.
  • Winston and Owen go rogue transporting Rashida so she can get her kidney transplant. 
  • Link and Teddy volunteer to fix the cooling system as they are forced to redirect patients. 
  • Owen gets in contact with Noah the veteran he wants to help. 
  • Addison and Mer share a moment in the elevator when Addison misses Derek. She goes home to meet the kids. 
  • Rashida gets her kidney
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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3 Quotes

Get me Meredith Grey.


It means you'll be coming with me. Nice to meet everyone, I'm Dr. Addison Montgomery, and you must be the residents that are screwing up the program.