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  • Link is getting his groove on with a new woman.
  • Nick shows up and starts his first day at GSM while staying there longer
  • Webber had some of Catherine's juice and now he has the munchies and Mer notices.
  • Owen and Teddy meet with the therapist and get advice.
  • Link's patient Simon comes in with his pregnant wife, and he has abdominal pain and is still fighting cancer. His wife is super worried.
  • Mer realizes that the juice Webber drank is cannabis and he's high.
  • Jo is working too hard juggling and manning all parts of the hospital now.
  • Jo and Link will team up on Simon's case since he has some general surgery issues and they find another mast. Kristen is worried that he won't be alive long enough to meet their baby. She's a couple of months away from her due date.
  • Nick tries to warm up to Bailey and tells her that he can help teaching the residents and whipiong the program into shape.
  • Maggie and Winston treat a patient who lied to her wife about getting her issues resolved.
  • Mer spends time with Webber and she talks about why she wants to leave. He sneaks off while she's on the phone.
  • Nick taks Levi through a surgery when Bailey challenges him.
  • Simon tells Link that if he dies he has to tell his wife not to name he baby after him.
  • Winston is testy about the woman who lied to her wife about how sick she was and Maggie sends him to cool off but she codes.
  • Simon's tumor is too far gone in his bowel and Jo can't do the surgery on him so he's still dying and may only last a few weeks.
  • They tell his wife who wants to have the baby early so he can see him before he dies and against Jo's wishes Link says he'll talk to someone else about it.
  • Jo confronts him about getting too emotionally attached to the case, and he blows up at her about using him and discarding him when she got with Todd, and she confesses that she fell in love with him but needed him too much.
  • Bailey apologizes to Mer.
  • Maggie kicks Winston out of surgery
  • Winstont tells Maggie about why he is the way he is with Wendeall and he says he'll go handle it. Maggie asks to stay with Amelia that night.
  • Link asks Amelia to have Scout for  the night because he isn't okay.
  • Bailey thanks Levi.
  • Catherine apologizes about the juice and reveals that her cancer is progressing and she's been taking it for her pain.
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