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  • Bailey rearranges surgeries.
  • Richard and the others prepare for the M&M.
  • Link and Jo slept together, and he thinks it was just fun.
  • Levi hasn't even shown up at the M&M yet and eveyrone is looking for him.
  • Levi finally shows up with his glasses on and looks terrible. He walks through what he did on that day. The others are encouraged to ask questions. Levi eeps hearing tings and flashing back to what happened.
  • They all start asking Webber questions about adopting his method style. Lim and Maggie are critical and it irks Catherine and  Webber
  • Winston is wondering why Maggie is going so hard against Webber when attacking the method
  • Hayes says goodbye to Mer
  • Nick gets privileges at the hospital to amke up for the lack of staffing
  • Jo is awkward when she has to work on the case with Amelia. Amelia calls her out on it.
  • Jo decides after talking to Carina that she shouldn't have sex with Link anymore and he's okay with it.
  • Levi decies he doesn't want to go back anymore.
  • Megan tells Teddy to leave things with Owen but when she sees Noah's wife there, she goes after her to talk to her.
  • The sisters and Richard talk and he doesn't want to let them down but they air things out.
  • They are amused by Nick and meeting him for the first time.
  • Bailey talks to Richard and disbands the program. They make up.
  • Teddy sees Noah's wife getting the drugs out of Owen's car.
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