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  • Oen has a flashback to his last time with the solider he was helping.
  • Hayes tracks down the car that'sstill holding Teddy and she's horrified to see him because she knows something bad happened to Owen.
  • Levi is in a state of shock after the patient bled out in surgery
  • Hayes arrives with the heart.
  • Teddy is still wound up because she was terrified.  She breaks down when she finally gets to see and talk to Owen
  • Link is giving Amelia the cold shoulder
  • Bailey and Webber argue over the Webber method when she blames it for Levi's mistake and Levi is still in shock.
  • Mer informs Nick of what happened with David, and she finds Hayes and checks him out.
  • Hayes asks her about mercy killings because it's weighing on him what Owen shared with him.
  • He tells Mer about Hunt. They don't know if he'll be able to walk again and it requires Ortho and Neuro.
  • Levi is still obsessively washing his hands.
  • Hayes tells Owen that he has to fess up or he will tell the truth himself. He doesn't want to be an accessory.
  • Kai and Mer go off on David for not telling them things and wasting their time.
  • Levi is still wasing  his hands raw.
  • Hayes follows up with Megan and checks on her. He wants to make sure that Megan is in a stable place before he breaks all the bad news to her and bonds with her over grief making you feel like you don't want to live.
  • Link clears the gallery because he can't focus with Kai there and watching
  • The new resident comes and helps Jo and  Helm take Levi away
  • Hayes chooses to leave rather than report Owen, to Bailey's surprise
  • Jo comforts Link and theysleep together.
  • Amelia spends time with Kai.
  • Link continues to break down.
  • Nick arrives to be with Mer.
  • Teddy wants to know what happened in that car.
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