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  • Maggie and Winston are home with the kids taking care of them because they have the ful
  • Mer spends time with Nick
  • Nick's niece comes to the cabin while he's making out and about to have sex with Mer.
  • Ellis is missing. But they find her  hiding.
  • Zola finds a box with all of Ellis' old things and wants to keep some things. She finds a letter that's meant to Maggie, so she gives it her.
  • Nick is trying to suss out what's going on with his niece and the boyfriend Silver she brought with her.
  • Kai and Amelia head out to a bar together.
  • Maggie reads the letter and hallucinates Ellis.
  • Zola tells Winston that she's still scared after Mer almost died.
  • Charlotte tells Nick that she wants to drop out of school and travel. He's upset about it and Mer indulges them.
  • Kai sings onstage at the bar.
  • Maggie finds out that Ellis chose Bill and Diane and she didn't want to get any updates on Maggie
  • Amelia and Kai have super steamy sex. They talk about life and Amelia wanting to learn who she is and get t know herself better. Kai wants that too. Kai plays guitar again.
  • Mer talks to Nick about Charlotte and talks to Charlotte about how much she relates to her.
  • Charlotte and Nick talk and make up
  • Nick says he doesn't know if he wants to keep doing what he's doing anymore, and Mer implies that she doesn't know if she wants to be chief of general surgery at Grey Sloan anymore
  • Nick tells Mer that he loves her.
  • Amelia leaves to head back to Seattle and tells Kai that he hopes they don't have an issue with how much she misses being a mom and never wants that to not be a thing.
  • Maggie figures out some things about Ellis and makes peace with her giving her up and her mother Diane is there for her when she wakes up.
  • Zola talks to Winston about thinking about her birth mother.
  • Maggie burns the letter when Amelia and Mer return home.
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