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  • Webber announces that he's going to let the residents perform solo surgeries.
  • They eventually get Bailey onboard.
  • A patient comes in pregnant and has her baby early, and her new boyfriend doesn't even realize she is pregnant.
  • Noah goes to the veterans' meeting to get more people on board when his mentor collapses, and they have to rush him to the hospital. He has severe damage.
  • Addison has to figure out what's going on with her patient. She freaks out on Amelia.
  • Megan brings her son Farouk in to see Hayes.
  • Bailey is not fond of putting the residents in the deep end.
  • Owen finds out that Roy has cancer, and he's dying.
  • Addison talks to Amelia about Link.
  • Jo helps support Nikki when her boyfriend leaves her, and she talks Nikki through the delivery when she and Carina deliver the baby.
  • Levi shines performing two surgeries while Helm messes up and Bailey takes over.
  • Addison and Amelia talk and bond.
  • Farouk needs surgery, and Megan gets emotional about it.
  • Owen and Winston perform the surgery on Roy despite the risks.
  • Roy starts to crash. He dies and Noah blames Owen for it and leaves.
  • Addison leaves.
  • Mer is back in Minnesota and makes dinner plans with Nick.
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