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  • Jules starts her first day at GSM and bumps into Link, who she slept with.
  • Simone is late and arrives in time to interrupt Mer's opening speech.
  • Bailey drops in to visit and learns that they picked students who may not have had the best grades but had the grit and heart, and she wonders about that choice.
  • The residents are mostly gone expect those buried in their residencies. Levi chose to work with Jo in OBGYN but regrets it and wants out. He's waiting for the surgical residency to open up and makes his pitch for chief resident.
  • A bus of people from the tornado are potentially brain dead and the interns have to inform the patients family and also try to work on getting organ donations.
  • Jules is excited to work alongside Maggie who she idolizes.
  • Link tells Jo about sleeping with Jules the other day and she tells him to get ahead of it by telling the chief.
  • It's been six months and Nick is there to get organs from that transplant thing. He talks to Winston and Maggie sees and rushes to tell Mer.
  • Maggie tries to get Mer to go talk to Nick because Mer has been depressed about it for six months.
  • Mer asks Nick to scub in a triple organ transplant.
  • Lucas screwed up by telling the wrong parent about her child being brain dead.
  • The screwup is also the triple organ match so now they have to make atings right with the mother otherwise everything will blow up and Ms. Martinez won't get the organs.
  • The woman has her family doctor confirm that the patient is brain dead.
  • Blue overhears when Simone tells the mom the confirmation and shares a story about his brother who died and how the organ donation helped him make peace with it. Shegave her blessing and Simone thanks Blue, but he tells her he made it all up.
  • Mer talks to Nick and he admits he heard her calling after him.
  • Nick lets Lucas scrub in. Lucas says that it's a beautiful day to save lives.
  • Mer and Amelia talk about Lucas and apparently he's Derek's favorite nephew. Amelia doesn't think he has what it takes and lists why, and wonders if Mer accepted him because he remidns her of Derek, but Mer points out that actually Lucas reminds her of Amelia. And he has what it takes.
  • The triple organ transplant is a success.
  • Link tries to get Jules to sign HR paperwork and she lets him down gently which surprises him.
  • Simoen opens up to Webber about how her mother died in that hospital delivering her and she was late because she had a panic attack.
  • Mer tells Nick that she needs him to be a residency director.
  • OWen and Teddy are back and Owen can practice but he has to be surpvised.
  • All the criminal charges are dropped and Owen has a suspended medical license for six months. Teddy and Owen don't seem on the best of terms.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 1 Quotes

Amelia: Derek was a god to him.
Mer: I know.
Amelia: And Lucas was Derek's favorite nephew, and I do love him, so I hate to keep saying this, but I don't think he has what it takes.
Mer: I know you don't.
Amelia: He's a mess. He doesn't follow instructions. He has to do everything he own way. Did you hire him because he reminds you of Derek?
Mer: Not Derek. He is a mess. He does need to do things his own way. But he does have a stroke of the family genius, and he's a bit of a black sheep. You don't see it, do you?
Amelia: Is that why he drives me crazy? He's me.
Mer: Yes, he's you. He's got the spark. He's got the drive. He just needs a chance.

Jules: I think I may have already slept with an attending already.
Mika: You work fast.