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  • Simone leaves home and her grandmother sends her off but she has dementia.
  • Lucas is staying at the hospital and says he doesn't want special favors.
  • Two boys who thought they had food posiioning, college roommates, end up having symptoms that are escsalating when one of them has a rash breaking out everywhere.
  • Teddy is still pissed off that Owen is in all this trouble and has to follow up after him for everything and has to follow him up with cases.
  • Jo and Bailey have a mommy and daughter play date.
  • The one college kid starts to code as they must figure out what's wrong with him.
  • Maggie realizes that Winston is mad at her because of how she's cutting him down at work.
  • Levi heads to Joe's to talk to Helm who is now working there to come back to work but she's content where she is for now
  • Mer tells the interns to solve the medical mystery together.
  • Lucas doesn't want Amelia to hover over him and he can tell Blue thinks something is up.
  • Jules has to do a amputation on Chase and Link guides her.
  • Simone figures out talking to his roommate that he may have mengiccocal disease and that's what is wrong wtih him.
  • Baley tells Jo that she's still not ready to come back.
  • Webber apologizes to Nick and agrees to help him.
  • OWen and Mika have saved Harold the guy who had his wife's phone stuck in his ass.
  • Maggie apologizes to WInston. He reminds her that  she has to teach the new ones.
  • Meredith encouragses Simone to be there for Jules because she had a rough time with the amputation.
  • Blue tells Lucas that he thinks he's sleeping with Amelia.
  • Mer tries to talk to Nick agawin and finally succeeds in explaining how she went numb and she still loves him. He agrees to go to Zola's presentation with her.
  • Zola is presenting something about Alhzeimers but she starts having a panic attack and says that her mother and aunt will die from it too.
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