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Imagine having to take one of the biggest exams of your career, while at the same time stressing over your wedding day (tomorrow), being blamed by your father for your stepmother’s death, falling in love with your best friend - also a married man - or worrying about a patient with amnesia who may have gotten her memory back but won't admit it.

As Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy draws to a close, all these issues and more are on the table. Addison has returned from Los Angeles, Derek is feeling unneeded by Meredith and Miranda has some unexpected competition (in the form of Callie Torres O'Malley) in her own race for the chief resident.

George, we learn, was accepted for the position at Mercy West. Callie is thrilled, but no one else shares her enthusiasm when word gets around.

Izzie, longing for him more every day, begs him not to go and he explains to her that he has to get away from her because he’s a married man and can't be kissing other women in elevators. Callie happens to see their heart to heart, and the body language gives her an indication of what's going on, even if she isn't fully aware of the love O'Mizzie shares.

Later, Izzie tells George that the night they spent together meant nothing after all, so he doesn’t have to leave. She then finds an empty room and cries. Later that night, Cristina is still trying to figure out her vows (and downplaying the whole ordeal) when Izzie goes on a tirade about how all of them have the man they want, and how vows are so important.

Meredith asks her if she’s talking about Denny and Izzie says yes, but the look on Callie’s face is knowing and that of outright suspicion.

On the professional front, Callie is making quite the name for herself by assisting on three surgeries at the same time. Mark remarked that Callie was giving Miranda some competition for Chief Resident - a fact that Dr. Bailey clearly hadn't even considered. Later, Callie summed it up with a simple position: she’s qualified, so why shouldn’t she take a shot?

Since learning she probably will never have children in L.A., Addison has natureally become surrounded by pregnant people. Joe and his boyfriend, Walter, bring to SGH a young pregnant woman who is considering them to be the adoptive parents of her twins. The surrogate mom is admitted with a case of bad heartburn, but collapses later that day due to something that looks a lot more severe.

Adele Webber also arrives to see Addison after being in a fender bender and confesses that she too is pregnant. She's 52, won't say who the father is and wouldn’t stay the night despite Addison’s advice because there's no way she's going to let Richard know she was even there. But at the end of the day, the Chief spots Adele trying to bolt, and she runs to the bathroom.

Clueless as to why she’s at Seattle Grace, Richard talks to the bathroom door for a few minutes and tells her to come out, promising that he has moved on and is dating... or at least intends to. Eventually, hearing no response, he goes in and finds her collapsed on the floor, unconscious, in a pool of blood. Stunned, Richard hollers for help.

When Ava/Jane Doe is helping Alex study for his exam, she mentions that her daughter has her father’s nose. Alex does a double-take and realizes she remembers something. He's thrilled, but she brushes it off. He asks her if she remembers anything, she says no. Eventually he begins to suspect that she’s lying and calls her on it.

After arguing for a bit, she admits that she does remember everything. She woke up the other day with her full memory back. She tells him she was so unhappy with her life and her perfect husband so she left him and came to Seattle. Shortly after, the accident happened and she lost her memory.

Alex is upset, naturally, that she led him on and that she hasn’t gotten in touch with her family. He threatens to call the police, but doesn't. Later, she finds him and tells him her real name. It's Rebecca Pope. What will happen next with this patient that has tested Alex like never before?

Despite "the slap," Meredith still plans to attend Susan’s funeral before taking the intern exam. But Thatcher shows up at Seattle Grace, still in shock and angry, screaming at Meredith again. Susan trusted her and then Meredith killed her, Thatcher says - and she was all he had. He tells her she is not welcome at the funeral and leaves.

While the other interns put their personal lives on hold for a few hours to take their exams, Meredith is left reeling by her dad and stares blankly at her test, not writing a single thing. Afterwards, she goes to the lobby and just sits there. George finds the Chief to tell him what happened.

Although Meredith previously lashed out at Richard for trying to act like her dad, he still cares deeply for Ellis Grey's little girl and lets her retake the test. She says again he’s not her father, but he puts his arm around her and Meredith finally cries, letting all that pain out.

A trio of missing climbers are found and are brought to Seattle Grace for emergency surgery. One of their fellow climbers is still missing on Mt. Ranier, but the staff is concerned with their broken bones and frostbite. Throughout the day, though, we learn more about the missing man, the one left behind. They talk of him as though he died up there, but are clearly remorseful, and one of the them implies they shouldn't have left him.

After their surgeries, the fourth climber is rushed into the hospital - having been found, alive, with a climber’s axe lodged in his skull. Dr. Bailey asks in shock, "What happened the happened on that mountain?" It wasn't what we were first led to believe, that's for sure, and it will be very interesting to see what happens when his compatriots learn of his arrival at Seattle Grace.

As Preston and Callie perform surgery on one of the climbers, they discuss why anyone would go mountain climbing in the first place. Callie said she climbed all the time when she was in college, that it's hard work and you feel terrible doing it, but it’s worth it to reach the top. It shows you how strong you really are, deep down.

Burke obviously relates, in terms of his relationship with Cristina. In one more day, he'll have make it to the top... but can he make the last push to the summit?

Derek has been trying to be there for Meredith throughout the day, but she rejects his attempts and he’s getting sick of it. At the end of the night, he's having a few drinks with Burke, Addison and Mark at Joe’s as a small bachelor party for Preston, and questioning his relationship with Meredith once again.

That's when a beautiful woman approaches him. She offers to buy him a drink and while he seems very attracted to her, he politely declines. He says he is with some friends, she says that's too bad, and he says yes, yes it is. Does this new girl spell trouble for Meredith and Derek? We will have to wait and see.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

CRISTINA: "How do you treat pancreatic divisim?"
IZZIE: "Ugh, Cristina, if you're not gonna let me sleep you have to at least let me put coffee in my cup."
CRISTINA: "Okay, so go. No one's stopping you."
IZZIE: "I'm too tired to go."

"A surgeon's education never ends. Every patient, every symptom, every operation... is a test. A chance for us to demonstrate how much we know. And how much more we have to learn."

MEREDITH [narrating]