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Meredith is examining her engagement ring in bed next to sleeping Derek.

When he wakes up, she tells him that she's not really a ring person, so she doesn't want to wear the ring. She's also not a white dress kind of bride.

She and Derek joke together that they'll get married in scrubs.

They walk out into the living room where Lexie and Mark are. It's clear from his reaction that Derek and Mark are still on the outs.

In the hospital, Izzie is recovering from successful brain surgery by poring over bridal magazine. Also, Callie and Arizona kiss on the stairs, in full view of the hospital staff.

Bailey has the day off, but she is at the hospital because she wants to watch Arizona perform a certain surgical procedure. Bailey has not told Tucker that she wants to do a peds fellowship.

Izzie is pacing in her room back and forth, talking to purveyors of bridal stuff on her Bluetooth, capitalizing on her cancer to get them to deliver the dresses.

Hunt is now seeing Dr. Wyatt for psychotherapy, but is refusing to connect his Cristina-choking episode with his feelings about Iraq.

She wants to help him put a name on the feelings he is having in order to start making sense of them, but he is recalcitrant.

Callie's dad is visiting, and she wants to introduce him to Arizona.

Not so fast, as Mr. Torres threatens to kill George for cheating on her ... then after she explains, he threatens to kill Mark as well, for helping Callie cheat on George.

Callie again steps in and finds the courage to introduce him to the new person she is dating. Emphasis on person.

Two trauma patients who come in. They were involved in a car accident: one was a pedestrian struck by the other patient's car.

Hunt assigns George to report to Alex, who is more than happy to boss him around. Mark and Derek work the patient who was driving the car.

Lexie is caught in the middle of their personal feud.

George notices that the pedestrian who was hit by the car has injuries that are not consistent with the story. He wants to order a psych consult.

Alex thinks he's wasting his time. George orders the consult anyway.

Bailey and Arizona have a young patient named Jessica who has a terminal condition and will likely die in the next few of hours.

The child's father desperately searches for experimental Mexican stem cell treatments as a last-ditch effort to save her life, but Arizona tries to convince him he can't do anything and to just be by his side.

The father shames her for giving up, and tries to figure out a way to get the child to Mexico that night.

Richard has a special assignment for Meredith, and that is to go try on wedding dresses for Izzie, who has turned her room into a bridal shop.

Meredith whines that she doesn't do dresses, but can't bear to look into Izzie's eyes and tell her that.

Derek dutifully goes to talk to Izzie, but learns that they'll have to take ballroom dance lessons as well.

Cristina sees on a monitor that Izzie has lost consciousness and rushes to order a crash cart. Once she races to her side, Izzie starts cracking up.

It was a joke, but she does need Cristina for something: she needs her to page Meredith to get her to try on dresses. Cristina is not happy.

Meredith finally succumbs, and reluctantly tries on a poufy dress. She tries to tell Izzie that she's not into it, but Izzie guilt-trips her.

Mr. Torres wants Callie to quit her job and come back and live at home with him. He says that he'll talk to the chief and arrange it.

Naturally, this doesn't sit well with Callie.

Callie explains to Mark that her father has provided everything she could possibly want for her, paying for all of her education, setting up a huge trust fund for her, etc.

Mark reminds her that providing is not the same as respecting.

Bailey's patient, Jessica, wants her dad, but her dad is researching illegal Mexican stem cells. Bailey sits with the child in a rocking chair.

Alex brings over a burger and fries from Joe's bar for Izzie while Mer tries on more dresses in the bathroom. Lexie comes in, scarfs down some fries (she is coping with stress by overeating) and asks Meredith to please intervene with Mark and Derek.

Izzie pretends to choke. Cristina gets mad again for her pretending.

As soon as everyone leaves, though, Izzie gets nauseous and vomits into a bucket. She is pretending to be strong, but chemo is ravaging her.

The patient who was driving the car is pretty messed up. He tells Hunt and the other doctors bitterly that this was no fault of his own.

He was just driving to the bank when the pedestrian dove under his car, with his arms out. Clearly, the pedestrian was trying to kill himself.

Hunt finds Alex roaming around and reams him out for not keeping an eye on a potentially suicidal patient.

George discovers that the patient is no longer in his bed in the pit, so he and Alex run outside to look for him.

This turns into a big fight between them. George says that Alex didn't even want to do the psych consult, and he doesn't see what Hunt or Izzie sees in him. Alex says that he has tried to respect George because he's Izzie's friend, but he's done trying.

Right at that moment, the suicidal patient jumps out from one of the upper floors, crashes through the window, and lands on a car.

George and Alex bring the patient in, and George is more knowledgeable about how to proceed, so Hunt lets him scrub in instead of Alex.

Alex can only say that the guy's esophagus looks messed up.

In surgery, Hunt tells George that he would make a perfect candidate for a trauma surgeon because he is always thinking five steps ahead and gets calmer as things around him get more chaotic.

Meredith scolds Derek and Mark and orders them to make up. Derek says that the chief is going to be the best man, which infuriates Meredith since the chief is the one who had an affair with her mother.

In surgery, Derek and Mark bicker some more about everything they've ever fought about, but eventually, things begin to thaw between them.

A nurse checks up on Izzie who is looking weak. The nurse knocks a wedding dress off the rack on his way out, so Izzie decides to walk across the room to pick it up. When she gets there, she collapses.

Mr. Torres sits down with Richard and offers to write a check in whatever amount Richard wants if he can get Callie transferred to a hospital in Miami.

The chief says Callie is a grown woman and should be allowed to make her own decisions. Mr. Torres says that your child never stops ceasing to be your child, even when they grow up.

Bailey's patient Jessica, whose father is still at wits' end trying to find a way to Mexico, is in bad shape. Finally Bailey talks him down until he takes her place next to the child, who dies.

Cristina tells Izzie that she is doing alright, but Izzie's cheerful mask is finally off. She says that she thought today would be funny, making Meredith try on dresses, but she knows that she is sick and just another cancer patient.

Cristina tells her that all the vomiting is absolutely normal for the kind of treatment she had today.

Mr. Torres gives Callie an ultimatum: either move back to Miami with him, or he will take away her trust fund and cut her out.

In response, Callie cuts him out. After her father leaves, Callie breaks down in Arizona's arms.

In therapy, Hunt somehow draws a connection between his two trauma patients with his relationship with Cristina.

He finally admits to Dr. Wyatt that he feels shame with what happened with Cristina, and she encourages him that this is a good start.

Derek and Mark finish up the surgery and save the man's life.

While they tell the man's wife that he'll be find despite his many injuries, Derek says that Mark's actions in the OR directly saved his life.

Arizona tells Bailey that what she did today with Jessica was truly heroic, and advises her to go home and tell Tucker that peds is way more than just cutting people open.

Meredith tries on another dress as Cristina wipes off Izzie's brow. Meredith finally cracks a smile as she spins around in the dress that will be her wedding dress.

Back at home, Meredith tells Lexie that just because their respective men are having a tiff, it doesn't mean that Lexie will be barred from the wedding.

In fact, Lexie will be a bridesmaid, but she shouldn't get too excited it about it because she has yet to see the bridesmaid dresses Izzie picked.

Meredith has resigned herself to have the big wedding of Izzie's dreams, but she doesn't seem all that unhappy about it.

Over at Joe's, Alex gives George props for kicking his ass. Alex admits that George is better at handling himself in crisis, and Izzie being sick is a big crisis.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Meredith: Does it bother you that I don't wanna wear it? Because I... I could.
Derek: I don't want you to wear it. You're not a ring bride.
(Mer looks at him)
Derek: What?
Meredith: I'm not really a church wedding bride, or a poofy white dress bride either.
Derek: We'll get naked, and get married in a field with flowers.
(MerDer giggle together)
Meredith: I'm not a naked bride!
Derek: What about scrubs? We could get married in scrubs.
Meredith: Oooh, now there's a wedding I could get into.
Derek: We gotta go.
Meredith: Oh... So I told Izzie she could help out with the wedding. It helps keep her mind off of everything, and I'll tell her about the scrubs and the no church. I guess we have a theme. Simplicity.

[narrating] Defeat isn't an option. Not for surgeons. We don't back away from the table till the last breaths long gone. Terminal's a challenge. Life threatening's what gets us out of bed in the morning. We're not easily intimidated. We don't flinch, we don't back down, and we certainly don't surrender. Not at work anyway.


Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Song Vagabonds And Clowns Mostar Diving Club
Sweetheart Jont iTunes
Song Summer Came When We Were Falling Out Shady Bard