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Derek is thrilled because the study from last season's brain tumor clinical trial was published in a major medical journal. Meredith is upset that it's called the Shepherd Method and that she isn't getting any credit.

He is reluctant to, but says he will write to the editors to make them call it the Shepherd-Grey Method. Meredith only wants him to do this if he really believes she deserves credit. He says he doesn't. Ouch, girl.

Now an official resident, George is promised interns, giving the rest of the residents a chance to humiliate theirs and choose which one gets stuck with George. Until the Chief steps in and gives George an intern from everyone.

After more and more attempts to get noticed fail miserably, Lexie is furious that George didn't ask for her - even though he did not ask for anyone - as she helped him study and he's too stupid to see she's in love with him.

Callie sleeps with Dr. Hahn ... sort of. She didn't do very well, though, and enlists Mark Sloan to talk about it. He is turned off by it and wants nothing to do with this discussion. That is, until Callie asks for some physical demonstrations of Sloan's techniques south of the border.

Then he is all over it, baby! As the episode concludes, a confident Callie tells Erica to take off her pants - they're gonna do it right this time!

There's only one medical case featured this week on Grey's Anatomy, but it's not a small undertaking by any means. Dr. Bailey orchestrates a massive 12-person simultaneous "domino" surgery with six separate kidney transplants.

Six people need kidneys, and they each brought a donor with two good ones. All six kidney transplants will occur at the same time so no one backs out at the last minute. Because certain people are matches and others aren't, not everyone is getting a kidney directly from their donor relatives.

One patient is played by an older man and his son, who is donating a kidney, is only doing it for $10,000 his father is paying. Alex and Izzie bring it up to Dr. Bailey, but then decide to stay out of it.

Later, this case ends up affecting Alex more than anyone, because it brings forward all his issues. Izzie can't believe she's watching how much he is a good, caring guy one second and a total ass the next.

Every kidney donor and recipient has some sort of drama. One woman who at first seemed to be donating out of sheer altruism only volunteered because she'll be giving hers to a man she's having an affair with.

This means the man's wife - also a donor, to one of the other recipients -nearly backs out until Bailey intervenes at the last second, telling her there are five other people hinging on this and not just her husband.

The surgery is on, and six kidneys are removed from one person and each put into another. Or five are, anyway, before Meredith accidentally drops one on the floor. They pick it up, clean it off, and put it in anyway. And it works out. Phew. Meredith dodges a bullet to say the least.

The young mistress who donated her kidney to save the married man is angry because he doesn't even contact her after surgery. Meanwhile, the man who bought his son's kidney crashes, and his son doesn't really care. But when Bailey takes him into a room where the rest of the 12 are celebrating together, this changes his mind, and he goes to see his dying dad.

Later, Izzie goes for broke. She confronts Alex and says "I care about you" over and over and over again until he finally relents and starts kissing her. There is a chance for these two yet, it appears!

At the bar, Derek offers Meredith a peace offering - a kidney in a jar - as an apology for saying she didn't deserve credit for the clinical trial. He makes things right with her in the end, as always, that McDreamy.

As the credits roll, Cristina is about to leave the bar when she sees none other than Dr. Owen Hunt sitting at the bar - and cutting himself off from booze because he starts work the next day!

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