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Meredith is having trouble getting pregnant and is taking lots of pregnancy tests.  Callie is still upset about Arizona and discovers Arizona has moved her stuff in back into Callie’s apartment.  Callie tells Arizona to leave because she’s still angry at her.  All of the residents get first year medical students assigned to them.  The Chief explains that he is going to choose a chief resident in a few months.

Brady Sullivan, a trauma patient, has been trampled by a team of horses at his commitment ceremony.  His domestic partner Kyle feels like the accident is his fault.   Kyle explains to Callie in the waiting room that he was excited about the ceremony because he cannot have a real wedding day because gay marriage is not legal in Washington.  He explains that he has fought for marriage and lost, so he wanted the signing of the papers to be special.  After the surgery, Brady tells Kyle that he forgives him.   

Dr. Bailey, Cristina, the Chief, and Eli are all working together on Henry’s surgery since he is now insured.   They all find out about Henry’s marriage to Teddy.  Henry’s tumor is more serious than was first thought, and his kidney must be removed.   Henry wants Teddy’s input about the surgery, which annoys the Chief.  Cristina is critical of her med student but tries to be empathetic after the Chief emphasizes that the chief resident will be have to have that quality.  Cristina lets her student see the tumor, and he faints.  During surgery, the Chief asks Teddy if he has permission to remove the pancreas as well.  Teddy doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t know if there’s a next of kin to call.  She gives the Chief permission to act as he sees fit.   Cristina finds her student outside and gives him advice.  He admits that he wrote her a bad evaluation.  Teddy goes to Henry’s room to care for him while he’s recovering.  She explains that she allowed the Chief to remove a large portion of his pancreas.  Henry says that he only put Teddy as his emergency contact because he has no one else due to his recurring health problems and he considers her a friend.

Alex finds his assigned first year medical student to be very attractive.  They, along with Sloan, April, and Arizona, are assigned to a patient who was born without cheek bones and wants to play sports.  Sloan and Arizona have different ideas of how to do the surgery.  Sloan eventually convinces Arizona to do the more experimental surgery.

Eli tells the Chief that he is dating Dr. Bailey, and she laughs it off.  Later, Eli propositions Dr. Bailey to hook up in a hospital room.  Dr. Bailey is in a great mood and tells Teddy she’s having a good time with Eli but there’s no future.

At the end of the episode, the Chief reads each resident his or her negative student review.  The only resident who passes is Alex, and he brings his student home with him that night.  Sloan tells Arizona that her biggest fault is that she bails.   Finally, when Arizona tries to apologize yet again to Callie, Callie tells her that she’s pregnant with Mark’s baby.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

First year med students. Too dumb to find the toilet.


Cristina: It's like court-ordered community service.
Meredith: I'd rather be picking up trash off the side of the highway.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Song Harder Than Easy Jack Savoretti
Song Cry Baby Cee-Lo Green
Song England The National