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The episode flash backed to the time after the plane crash while the doctors waited to be rescued and once they returned home.

  • Arizona got worse and Callie was forced to have Alex cut off her leg.
  • Derek asked Callie to do his surgery for his hand.
  • Cristina was in a silent state of shock and recovery until she left for her new job.
  • Arizona blames Alex.
  • Sloan was going through the surge - the burst of energy you get before your die. He filled out paperwork with Webber to get his life in order.
  • Jackson asked April to meet him before she left to go home but he didn’t make it due to Sloan crashing. 
  • Meredith tried to hold it together with her husband in surgery and her best friend gone. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Now you're trading in your wheely sneaks for a peg leg.


All I keep thinking is that we are going to crash on a tropical island and get attacked by a polar bear.