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Monroe helps Nick hone his weapon skills in the forest. Nick asks Monroe how they can get out of dinner with Juliette since their entire relationship would have to be lie around her. Monroe suggests they just bend the truth instead of fabricating an entire story. Things don't go as planned.

Meanwhile, a gruesome murder leads a Wesen to call the reapers to come kill the Grimm while Nick tries to find the murderer. Nick is able to put the murderer in jail and defeat the two reapers that are dispatched.

Monroe and Nick decide to send the reapers a message and return both reapers' heads to their leader.


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Grimm Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh my God, dude, you took out two reapers.


Nick: I think I need to send 'em a message.
Monroe: I think you do too, and you know what? When it comes to sending these guys messages two heads are better than one.