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Nick and Hank work towards finding a missing kidnapped girl. Along the way, her suspects and tortured and killed. This torturer calls Nick and tells him he's a disgrace to his own kind. Nick, Hank, and Monroe worry that an old school Grimm has entered Portland and is taking out Wesen by killing them. Nick, Hank, and Wu go back to the security footage and find out that Intern Ryan is the man behind all of the murders. Nick and Hank run after him, and eventually catch up to him. Nick immediately notices he is actually a Wesen, and proceeds to handcuff him.

Meanwhile, Juliette grows closer to Renard, and it all culminates on her porch where they share an intimate kiss.

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Next time we hire an intern I'm going to suggest they do a better psych evaluation.


I feel so bad saying this, but he's a complete stranger to me, and I'm now to him. And he knows everything about me, and I'm just starting over with you-him.