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Nick tells Juliette Alicia is a Wesen while her husband Joe stands outside the restaurant. Juliette begins to act odd around Alicia, and tries to tell her about it. Alicia denies it and decides to walk away before anything more is said.
Nick and Hank investigate a gang murder. A young teenager, Jared, witnesses the crime flees the scene but is caught on a red light camera. When Nick and Hank go investigate the owner they find Hank’s physical therapist, Zuri, at the address. Jared is arrested and brought down to the station; Jared, still scared over what he witnessed, refuses to say anything. Hank tells Zuri that they need his help because the killer is still at large.
After the gang members break into Zuri and Jared’s apartment, Jared helps identify the men, and they are put in a safe house.The leader of the gang kidnaps Jared’s girlfriend hoping to draw him out.
Julia talks to Rosalee about Alicia, and Rosalee explains that Wesen try to to hide they are out of fear and out of shame. Juliette tries to take Rosalee’s advice, but the next morning talks to Alicia about it again. This time telling her Nick is a Grimm. This scares Alicia off and she attempts to run. Nick chases her and as they head for the door, Joe is there and knocks Nick out momentarily. Juliette fights off Joe, and Nick is able to arrest him. Joe promises he won’t see her again. Alicia shows Juliette her Wesen form and they hug.
Back in the safehouse, Jared calls Joy. Nick and Hank head to Joy’s house to save them. Zuri and Jared show their true colors: they're Wesen and attack the gang members. Nick and Hank help cover it up. Later, Hank tells Zuri it doesn't bother him, but she still stops his advances.
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Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm not impressed!


You don’t realize how different you and Nick and Hank are. That you don’t judge or, more importantly, cut off our heads.