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Adalind gives birth to the baby and wogue's into a Hexenbiest. Dana, a woman that Wu knows, is attacked by a Wesen that pierces her pregnant belly and steals the amniotic fluid. Later that night, Hank, Nick, and Juliette discuss the case, and Juliette wonders how long they can keep Wu out of the loop. Nick says they lie. The woman's husband calls family in the Phillipines and tells them she's here and wogue's into a Aswang, the same Wesen that pierced the woman.  

Wu dreams of an old tale his grandma used to tell him about the Aswang. Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee head to the trailer to figure out the myth of the Aswang. They wonder if they should tell Wu about Wesen, but ultimately decide not to because the Aswang is not a good "gateway Wesen." Sam realizes his mother is in town, and according to the myth the Aswang use the unborn babies as a fountain of youth. Wu tells Nick and Hank about his suspicions with the Aswang, and Hank notices he's "on the verge." 

Back at the Dana and Sam's house, Wu is keeping watch in his car outside, and sees Sam's mother go crawling up the tree. He runs in the house and sees her finishing the job and Dana, and is attacked by the Aswang. Nick and Hank come rushing in and shoot and kill her, and Wu watches her change back right before his eyes. 

Later, Wu checks himself into a mental hospital. Nick and Hank visit him and tell him he's a hero, but do not tell him about Wesen. Wu hallunicates the Aswang again.

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