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Adalind comes by Nick and Juliette's place hoping to get some help finding Diana. Nick and Juliette brush Adalind away. Meanwhile, a wandering woman is attacked by some Wesen in the woods. Adalind confronts Renard, telling him to figure out how to help her since she's going to stop crying one day. Adalind goes to Monroe and Rosalee's, 

Viktor wants The Royals to investigate and find everything they can about Nick. Adalind calls VIktor asking about Diana, and helps Viktor to  realize that neither side has the party. Adalind says she is done crying. Adalind calls Viktor once more, and Viktor asks that since Adalind has the blood of the Grimm in her that makes Nick vulnerable. 

Meanwhile, a new Grimm named Truble is in town and kills three Wesen. Nick, Hank, and Monroe follow the evidence and catch her, but she has no idea what a Grimm is. 

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