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Renard meets with Adalin and reminds her when the baby comes that she won't have many, if any, friends. So she needs to begin trusting someone.
A friend of Juliette's, Alicia, ends up being attacked by her husband, Joe. Juliette invites her to stay with her and Nick in Portland, and Nick sees that she's actually a Fuschsbau.
Mishkin, a Russian healer, is attacked during a private party. He fends off his attacker and transmits radiation poisoning to his attacker causing him  to grow boils and quickly grow sick - killing him. The team does some digging and finds out that the healer is a former spy, and is using his gifts for good now. When they go to arrest him, his maid has already tried to poison him, and his wife, trying to save him ends up slashing her throat. In one final deed, the healer saves the maid's life and dies happily.
Alicia's husband Joe calls Juliette asking if she's there, and both Juliette and Nick tell him they don't know where she's gone to. The episode ends with Joe idling his truck in front of Nick and Juliette's home.
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