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Rosalee’s mother contacts her after years of no contact near the anniversary of her father’s death. She asks Monroe to go with her on the visit. Meanwhile, Frankie is a vet trying to get the men who raped her to come to justice. Back in Vienna, Adalind is in a coffee shop and is able to move a cup back into her hands and blows the lights out. One of Renard’s allies calls him, and Renards says they need to be ready to make a move and she’s getting her powers back.
Rosalee explains over dinner that the reason she couldn’t go to their father’s funeral is because she was in jail, and it eats her up inside every day. The family makes up and her sister scares Monroe to make sure he doesn’t hurt her. Nick and Hank follow the trail, and end up being led to Frankie’s CO - a manticore - making sure justice is served.
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Grimm Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I don’t like that no fear of death things. It’s not healthy.


You know, I appreciate the spirit, but this is not an assault.