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Nick, Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee talk about the wedding, and Trubel comes down to join them. Trubel tells them of her story and the first story of her finding out being Grimm. A mysterious man calls Nick from outside of his house. The man goes to an assisted living facility to meet his father, who asks if he told Nick about them. The son is then attacked by a Wesen. The older man says he's Verrat. 

Renard visits Adalind and they end up having sex. The next morning, Adalind makes a call to come visit Juliette about her sick cat. Juliette tries to get to know Trubel a little better, and bond with her. Trubel would rather she not since they don't know how long they'll be together. Rosalee begins to have serious doubts about the wedding and all the variables that are going on. Rolick and Josh, according to Renard, are the man and son traveling. Trubel goes with Josh. Adalind goes to Nick's house and breaks in, she steals clothes and hair of Juliette's, and Renard tries to stop her but she knocks him out. 

Nick finally gets in touch with Rolick thanks to Trubel. Rolick says that he has a key for Nick, one of the keys, but Rolick dies before Nick can get the whole story from him. Renard goes to visit Adalind in the hotel room once again, but finds she's not inside. He calls Wu and asks for Wu to find her. Nick goes through Rolick's things, and they find the key inside his cane. 

Adalind is in her mother's storage unit and uses Juliette's things to transform herself into Juliette.

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